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  Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities & Facilities.

Siddiqi Sons processes a wide range of materials including:

Polycarbonate, Polyacetol, Acrylic, Nylon, P.P Talc, PBT, ABS and Thermoset. Our experience in all grades of materials covers the full spectrum of injection molding applications.


  Thermoset (Backelite) Injection Molding.

We are the pioneers in Thermoset (Bakelite) injection moulding in Pakistan and produce different auto parts including following electrical & automotive injection molding products in phenolic molding compounds.

1. Electric Iron Handle.
2. Ash-Tray for Automobiles.
3. Engine oil cap for Automobiles.
4. Spark Plug Cap for motorbikes.


  Mold Making — Design Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance.

We assist our customers in driving their product concepts through mould designing, prototype and into production.


  Product Assembly.
1. Full turnkey project management.
2. New product startup.
3. Iron Flex Cord Assembly.
4. Lamp Holder Assembly.
5. Sub assembly and final assembly build.
6. Plastic, Metal, electro-mechanical, product integrations.
7. Globally competitive labor costs.


  Painting, Printing, Decorating & Secondary Operations.

In order to compete in a global marketplace, Siddiqi Sons offers not only injection molding, but a clear focus on understanding our customer’s value-added requirements. We provide Screen Printing, Hot stamping and packaging solutions to our customers.


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