Specialized Engineering Plastic Injection Molding in Pakistan.
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  Specialized Engineering Plastic Injection Molding.

As plastic injection molding specialists, Siddiqi Sons is a complete turnkey custom injection molder committed to providing our customers high quality, cost competitive plastic injection moulding products and services backed by the vast experienced of Mr.Hanif Siddiqi in his field, Siddiqi Sons can offer the Pakistani market the strongest engineering and manufacturing resources in the industry.

Siddiqi Sons offers its customer a wide range of services in custom Plastic Injection Molding , Thermoset (Backelite) Injection Molding , Mold Making , Product Assembly and Secondary Operations like
Painting, Screen Printing & Decorating.

Hanif Siddiqi with his in-depth experience assists his customers in driving their product concepts through design and prototype and into production. Hanif Siddiqui and his team are dedicated to growing Siddiqi Sons in size, performance, and reputation to among the best plastic injection molding process in Pakistan.


  Custom Plastic Injection Moulding.

Consumer Electronics:

  Items   Material Used
  Electric Iron Parts   Bakelite (injection) , PA6-GF30 , PBT GF30 , P.P Talc , ABS
  Citrus Press (juicer) Parts   ABS , PA6 GF30 , PA6
  Fan Heater Parts   PA6 , P.P Pa6 GF30
  Television Parts   ABS
  Laminar Parts   Polycarbonate
  Refrigerator Parts   ABS
  Air conditioner parts   ABS

Automotive - Auto parts injection moulding products in bakelite:

  Items   Material Used
  Ash-Tray for Automobiles.   Bakelite (injection)
  Engine oil cap for Automobiles.   Bakelite (injection)
  Spark plug cap for motorbikes.   Bakelite (injection)

Electrical & Electronic injection moulding plastic products:

  Items   Material Used
  Electrical Switches   Polycarbonate , Bakelite


Siddiqi Sons goal is to create and maintain successful long-term business relationships with our customers, and the communities in which we operate.


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